Cycling is a great way to get around the local area, whether for leisure purposes, the regular commute or getting to the shops.

There are a wide range of destinations within only a short journey by bike from Kingsbury Meadows. Wakefield city centre can be reached in just 10-minutes, as can Trinity Walk. A journey to one of the three nearby train stations takes a similar time. When you consider the time it can take to park, that is probably quicker than a journey by car!

Many local roads are lightly trafficked, with the West Yorkshire cycle map (see below) providing an easy way to identify the most suitable routes.

If you fancy a longer bike ride National Cycle Routes 67, 69 and 699 can all be reached within 30 minutes. All three routes have on and off road sections and provide links with destinations such as Horbury, Stanley, Bottom Boat, Scholey Hill, Dewsbury and many more! For more information on these routes and the wider National Cycle Network please see the links to the right of this page.

Plan a journey by bike

The West Yorkshire Interactive Cycle Map shows Wakefield's comprehensive network of cycle routes but also allows you to plan your journey from A to B. Simply enter your start and finish points and the system will not only map your journey but will also tell you how long your journey will take and how many calories you will burn along the way.

Further Useful Links:

  • Local Cycling Information

    On Wakefield City Council’s cycling pages, you will find lots of useful links including cycling maps and guide and information on the benefits of cycling and cycle safety. Click here for more information.
  • FREE cycle training - CityConnect

    CityConnect offers lots of useful information on cycling in the local area and provides free periodic cycle training throughout the year. The courses are catered for people of all abilities, helping to overcome health issues, injuries and the fear of cycling. For further information please click here.
  • Wakefield Cycle Circuit

    The BKCAT circuit is a 1.1km, traffic free cycle circuit at St Thomas a Beckett Catholic Secondary School in Wakefield. Whether you are a cycle club or someone that would like to get into cycling the cycle circuit provides the perfect place for cycle training, coaching, para-cycling, and more. For more information or to request a booking click here
  • National Cycle Routes

    National Cycle Route 67
    National Cycle Route 67 can be accessed in around 15 minutes via Park Lodge Lane to the east of Wakefield City Centre. In total the route is 112 miles long and is made up of both on road and off road sections. To the north of Park Lodge Lane the route links Stanley, Bottom Boat, Scholey Hill and Methley before continuing on to Leeds. In the south National Cycle Route 67 also connects with nearby places including, Heath, Walton and Monk Bretton.

    National Cycle Route 69
    National Cycle Route 69 can also be access in around 15 minutes via Lawefield Lane to the south of Wakefield City Centre. The route is 46 miles long in total and is made up of both on road and off road sections. From Lawefield Lane the route runs through Clarence Park and Holmfield Park before continuing down Thornes Moor Road, past the City of Wakefield Golf Club and under the M1 Motorway, where it terminates in Horbury.

    National Cycle Route 669
    You can access National Cycle Route 669 in around 30 minutes via Bank Street in Ossett. The route is 2 miles long and has on road and off road sections. The route links Ossett with Dewsbury, where it merges with National Cycle Route 69.

    For more information on the National Cycle Network please click here
  • Sustrans Charity

    Sustrans is a national charity that promotes sustainable travel, focusing on cycling. They provide lots of helpful tips and safety advice and manage the National Cycle Network. Find out more here
  • Breeze Rides

    Breeze Rides offer women a chance to learn to ride a bike as well as build confidence. The rides are suitable for all and give you the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. For more information, click here