Save money by joining a Car Club

A car club offers individuals the convenience of using a car without the associated costs of owning one, saving you money on purchase, maintenance and insurance costs. As a member, you can book a car online, by phone or on the iPhone app at any time of the day. You can then access the car using your very own smart-enabled membership card. Your nearest car club vehicle is located at Wakefield Westgate train station. The vehicle is run by Enterprise Car Club.

So how do you get started?

To get started visit www.enterprisecarclub.co.uk where you can sign up for the scheme for as little as £6.00 per month. Once you have done so you will receive everything you need in the post. You can then log in online and select your vehicle and select when you would like to hire the car. After you have made your reservation you will then be able to access the car at the specified times.

For more information on how the car club works and the costs associated with joining the club, please visit the website using the link above.